Gale Morgan Harold III
Gale Morgan Harold III was born on July 10th, 1969 and grew up in a little town, named Decatur, in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Second of three children, Gale has a younger brother, David, and an older sister, Ann. Gale’s father, Gale Jr., is an engineer from South Charleston, West Virginia, and he works independently in construction. His mother is a real estate agent.

Both his parents were Pentecostal, and Gale was given a strict religious education until, at age 15, he decided to leave the church. His father also abandoned the church some time later. We have no other information about his family as Gale is a very reserved person and doesn’t like to share his private life publicly.

Gale had never dreamed of acting on stage or on TV; he was interested in soccer – he started playing on the fields of SouthWest Dekalb High school in Decatur - in his guitar, and mostly in his strongest passion: motorbikes. As a matter of fact, he worked particularly with the Moto Guzzi, not as a mechanic, but as an amateur renovator (as he called himself) in shops selling spare parts. He confessed to always love motorbikes and there was a time when he thought he might make a profession out of it, to make money on something he loved. Before he started acting, Gale held various jobs: carpenter, waiter, trash man, house painter, and he even had an ice cream truck. As he himself said to The Advocate in February 2002, he was doing “every humble job." Gale loves collecting old motorbikes, especially Italian ones, and renovating them; he adores the Ducati, he never worked on them but he rode a lot of them.

He often reads The Nation.

He also has the word “RESIST” tattooed on the inner side of his right hand’s middle finger, but nobody knows the meaning of it.

Gale’s life has been greatly influenced by David Bowie, by Gandalf, the mythical character created by J.R.R. Tolkien in “The Lord of the Rings”, and by Jack London.

Gale started his studies at the The Lovett School in Atlanta and, after he got a soccer scholarship, thanks to his talent in that sport, he attended the American University. in Washington D.C. specializing in romantic literature. Unfortunately the differences between Gale and his soccer coach forced him to abandon the University and move to San Francisco, where he started studying fine arts at the Fan art institute, and where he got a degree in photography.

Very soon Gale realized that the path he’d chosen was not the right one for him and therefore changed his plans.

In 1997 his friend and compatriot, Susan Landau Finch, a producer for Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula), realizing Gale’s acting talent convinced him to try and act on stage. She introduced him to Joan E. Scheckel and Gale soon relocated to Los Angeles, starting a three years period of dramatic study and deep self-exploration.

At the age of 28, Gale was accepted to and completed the “Actors Conservatory” at the Noise Theater Company. His debut saw him as “Bunny” in “Me and my friend” by Gillian Plowman at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, and this was also the beginning of his serious studies to become an actor.

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