Welcome on the Italian website dedicated to the American actor Gale Morgan Harold III. Gale is most known for the TV series ‘Queer as Folk’ by Showtime, where he starred in the controversial role of the handsome Brian Kinney, a gay man living in Pittsburgh.
Gale is a very private person and we firmly believe that his privacy has to be respected at all costs. We hope you’ll be able to get to know him both as an actor and as a person. He’s an extremely talented actor and a wonderfully sarcastic and ironic man.
On this website we will NOT talk about his SEXUALITY nor about his personal RELATIONSHIPS because we respect him and his right to privacy. is not an official website and we don’t expect for it to become one. We’re not connected with Gale or with people close to him. "I am NOT Gale, I don’t have his e-mail address or his home address." This website was created because of the affection we feel for him, both as an actor and as a person, no one is making money here. Every picture belongs to Showtime, Getty Images, Wireimage and to the people who chose to share them with us. Graphic design belongs to me, Marcy, and only me, therefore it can’t be used by anyone else. Biography was written and edited by me, so subjected to copyright. Translations of articles and interviews belong to the website and to the people that worked on them for If you wish to use them, please ask for permission and credit us, especially if we’re talking about written word or graphics.

This website was thought out in 2005 and went on line on March 24th, 2006. It’s daily mantained by a group of friends, and it’s dedicated to fans.b

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