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by: Marcy 11 Jul 2014 10:12 am

Hello everyone!

Probably Gale will be in the next episode of “Defiance” titled “Put the Damage on,” season 2, on July 17th 2014. Thank you Serena!

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by: Marcy 10 Jul 2014 9:28 pm

Hello everyone!

We made "some" screencaps of the video "The Black Art of Being Confident" recorded in London some months ago! Click on the picture below to see the entire gallery!
Again... Happy Birthday Gale!!

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by: Staff 10 Jul 2014 12:12 am

Hello everyone!

And here we are, finally, ready to wish happy birthday to our Gale, who’s turning 45 today! This year, as you all probably already know, we decided to give him a little present… a gift to a well known charity: Kick4life

Unfortunately, so far we didn’t reach the goal we had set, and for this reason we decided to extend the donations a little longer! Meanwhile, we want to thank the people involved in organizing and promoting this fundraising, especially our team-girls from gale-harold.it: Serena Tottimitico, Lucia, Sere_happyness, Federica_WhyNotTry, Felicity, Klaudia62, Ale and Marcy.

Thank you so much for their donations to Catia, Leslie B, Inga71JJJ, Wendy Carey, Elenas68, Izabellavonw, Linda Flores, Rangal_57, Colleen, Marzia Paniconi, Elaine, Chadom63, Arjeanjones, B/J 4ever, Ceri Rayoflight13cee, Lucia Bender, Katherine Santos, Anna Reichow, Angie Duranta, Giuliana, Bille Tweet, Tracy Evans, Gayane, Marcia Nascimento, Tatiana, Pam and the three people who preferred staying anonymous.

We also want to acknowledge all the people who would have liked to donate but couldn't do it! In order to give them one more chance, we decided to leave the fundraising up until Saturday.
Feel free to contact us if you have any problem during the donation procedure.

We sincerely hope that Gale will appreciate this gesture, especially because we’re thinking about starting some kind of a tradition! And now… BEST WISHES to Gale, from all of his fans… from all over the world, of course also the ones who didn’t donate! We hope he can spend a wonderful day with the people he loves! Best wishes from ALL the people who follow Gale’s career and appreciate him as an actor as well as a person!

For more donations click on the image below:

(Thank you Felicity!!)

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by: Marcy 09 Jul 2014 8:44 pm

Hello everyone!

We have a new picture of Gale from "Field of lost shoes!"

Thank you Klaudia62!

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by: Marcy 09 Jul 2014 7:48 am

Hello everyone!

We have a new video of Gale! It was recorded during the panel of Filmonomics: The Black Art of Being Confident, on April 12th 2014 in London!
Who is Gale Howard?
Thank you Kimberly!!! Thank you Klaudia62!

Filmonomics "Film industry professionals talk about what confidence is" from Birds Eye View on Vimeo.

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by: Ale 08 Jul 2014 11:46 am

Hello everyone,

we have a news about "Andron": the movie, directed by Francesco Cinquemani, will start shooting in Rome and Malta at the end of July and will continue on August.

Thank you to Serena!
Source: asca.it

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by: Felicity 07 Jul 2014 11:55 pm

Gale’s birthday is getting closer, only three days left and our project is still halfway…
The fundraising for Kick4Life, that we thought as a very peculiar and hopefully appreciated birthday gift, needs another little effort from you, devoted fans of our beloved Gale!
Remember that you don’t need “big money”, because donations start at 10$ (roughly 7,40E.), and that your donation can be anonymous, either for the name of the donor or the amount of money you donate.
So, come on… a little contribution and we’ll reach our goal!

For donations click on the image below:

If you want more information about Kick4Life click HERE.

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by: Ale 04 Jul 2014 9:46 pm

Hello everyone,

we'd like to remind you that the fundraising for Kick4Life in honor of Gale's birthday is still open!

We have less than a week left to achieve our goal! Donate if you can and spread the word so more people will know about the fundraising..this is also a very important contribution!

Whether you can donate a small sum or a big one, know that your contribution will be precious for all the projects KickLlife has in Africa!

To Donate click on the image below:

For more info about Kick4Life click HERE.

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by: Ale 02 Jul 2014 3:36 pm

Hello everyone,

the make-up artist and hair stylist Emma Berley, who worked with Gale in 2012, posted some pictures and a podcast sharing her experience.

Click HERE to listen to her kind words about Gale, or click on Read more to read the transcript made by our dear Felicity (Thank you!!).

Thanks to Klaudia62 and Serena! Read more »

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by: Marcy 29 Jun 2014 8:53 pm

Hello hello!

We added two more pictures to the stills album of the short "Mari Celeste."

Thank you Lucia!!!! Sere_happiness!!!


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