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by: Staff 10 Jul 2016 10:00 am

Hello guys!!

Here we are again ready to celebrate all together Gale's birthday! And for the third time we decided to gift him another fundraiser benefiting Kick4life!

Unfortunately, this year we haven't reached the goal we had fixed... yet, but we'll keep the donations open for a longer period!

We'll wrap up on Sunday 17th of July 2016.

And now we'd like to acknowledge all the people involved in this project:
thank you so much to our staff!
And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to:
Dian Kilborn, AB, Harue, Inga, Anonymous, Jean Anyways, Anonymous.

Also thanks to those people who would have donate but couldn't.

A special and heartfelt thanks to Pete Fleming, founder of Kick4life, for his huge support!

And now let's move on:

Best wishes, Gale, with all our hearts. Best wishes from your fans from all over the world. We hope we'll be able to see you soon, because we really miss you. We have to admit that not hearing anything about you is very painful. What really matters is that you're well and happy for the people around you and for the choices you make.

To donate some more click on the image below:


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