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by: Felicity 29 Sep 2015 8:27 pm

We have some updates about Thirst in an email, sent to the project's backers through Kickstarter and signed by Rachel, Michael and Katie.

"Hello everyone,

On behalf of our team, we would like to apologize for the extreme delay in the delivery of our Kickstarter fulfillments. We have not forgotten about you and your generation contributions to help make this film possible. We are a very small team who have been jumping through professional and personal hurdles over the past several months but we have every intention of delivering to you what you were promised.

Some of you have asked about a download of the film and unfortunately, we can not provide that yet because our film has still not made it’s North American Premiere. We area also talking to several online platforms to find the right home for Thirst to live and for you to download (free of charge).

We know you have all been incredibly patient and we truly appreciate this. We’ve brought an intern to help us get these incentives moving forward and out the door and we will provide another update as soon as the shipments are being boxed up and shipped out.

In other news, our DP, Tobin Oldach, was honored last night at the Emerging Cinematographer’s Awards for his work on “Thirst.” We are very excited for him and our film. You can check out the honorees HERE
Thank you again for your patience and your support of independent films.

Best, Rachel, Michael, and Katie"


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