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by: Staff 10 Jul 2018 9:00 am

Hello everyone!

Here we are, once more, to wish Gale a wonderful birthday!

To celebrate his 49th birthday we decided, as you know, to give him as a gift a fundraising benefitting Kick4life, an organization which we are very fond of!

So, if you would like to donate any money, the fundraising is open, as we already told you, until August 10th 2018!

We hope that Gale will appreciate this special gift, even though he's rather "silent"!

Best wishes Gale! We hope that he'll be back soon, because we really miss him! It was great seing him lately, both with the Queer as Folk reunion and his latest short "The Betrothed"! We want to see more of him!!

Best wishes from all of us and from all his worldwide fans! We hope he can spend his special day with people he loves!

Best wishes from all the people who follow him and appreciate him as an actor and as a person.

A special and heartfelt thanks to Pete Fleming, founder of Kick4life, for his huge support!

And now we'd like to acknowledge all the people involved in this project:
Thank you so much to our staff!
And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to:
Suth Erika, Julia Lakishyk, Anonymous, Kari Lucas, Dian Kilborn and Inga!

To donate click on the image below:


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by: Staff 08 Jul 2018 7:31 am

Hello everyone!

We are here to remind you the fundraising for Kick4Life in honor of Gale's birthday!

Whether you can donate a small sum or a big one, know that your contribution will be precious for all the projects KickLlife has in Africa!
Donate what you can and spread the word so more people will know about the fundraising...and this is also an important contribution!

To Donate click on the image below:


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by: Staff 05 Jul 2018 11:46 pm

Hello people!
Thanks to some fans' request, we decided to bring back the fundraising in honor of Gale's birthday!

And once again we chose Kick4life!

All transactions will be handled by crowdrise.com, an organization which takes care of this kind of things, therefore all your donations will be completely safe.

Crowdrise will transfer whatever amount of money raised through this fundraiser directly to Kick4life, a registered charity, created by Steve and Pete Fleming, which uses the unique power of the sport to fight poverty and diseases in developing countries, and was a partner at the NYFEST, an event that Gale attended on April 19th, 2014.

The fundraising will end on August 10th 2018!
Please share and advertize as much as possible!!! Thank you!

To donate some more click on the image below:

For more info about Kick4Life click HERE


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by: Marcy 26 Jun 2018 11:22 pm

Hello everyone!

We made some screencaps from "The Betrothed" trailer!


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by: Felicity 26 Jun 2018 9:36 pm

A few months ago Fay Ann Lee posted a picture taken at the Dungeon Beach Studios in Williamsburg while working on the editing of her last project titled The Betrothed, a short horror featuring Gale in the role of Eric.
Three days ago she posted the trailer on her Vimeo channel!

The Betrothed Trailer from Fay Ann Lee on Vimeo.


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by: Marcy 12 Jun 2018 9:43 pm

Hello folks!

Do you remember?
From September 21st to 23rd Gale will be in London for an event organized by Mia Bays!!
Mia has posted on her website a few words about this "project":


Idea by Gale Harold, Mia Bays and Simone Glover

Written by Simone Glover. Produced by Gale Harold and Mia Bays

A short story set in post-war Lambeth, London and Sparta, Georgia (USA), 1949. This is a story of two men broken by war, united by a motherless child, and reminded anew of what matters most.

What matters most is that we loved at all.


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by: Ale 19 May 2018 8:43 pm

Hello everyone,

we have a new picture of Gale!!

It was posted on Instagram by Scott Campbell and it was taken when they went to see "Summer and Smoke" in New York.


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by: Staff 22 Apr 2018 10:52 pm

Good news!

We finally have our Instagram account!
As you probably know, this website is already connected to a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Now we also have an Instagram account which, for practical reasons, will be connected to all of our websites: www.queer-as-folk.it, www.gale-harold.it and www.randy-harrison.it.
Follow us on every_nine_seconds


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by: Felicity 04 Apr 2018 9:48 am

Good news for Gale's fans!

Fay Ann Lee is at the Dungeon Beach Studios in Williamsburg working on the editing of her last project titled "The Betrothed". The short is a horror casting Gale Harold, Dave Shalansky, Erika Thormahlen, Mickaela Tombrock and Zoe Anastassiou.
We have a photo of Fay with Jeff Sousa working on the color correction of the film and there's a frame of Gale!!!
Thank you Fay for sharing!


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by: Marcy 02 Apr 2018 7:16 pm

Hello folks!

We have a new picture of Gale taken yesterday at Pappy & Harriet's! He's amazing!


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